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04.12.2017 - Article

The Embassy cannot translate documents or certify translations.

There are no sworn or officially authorised translators in Zimbabwe. This is a list of translators known to the Embassy. The Embassy can give no guarantee for the content, quality or cost of translations. Inclusion on the list does not mean that the Embassy recognises these translators in any special way.

Please check with the German agency which is to receive the translation whether a translation made in Zimbabwe will be recognised in Germany.

Contact Details

Goethe-Zentrum/Zimbabwe-German Society


51 Lawson Avenue

Milton Park, Harare

Tel.: 796 836 or 705 753

Cell: 0773 222 314

E-mail: info@goetheharare.org



Ms. Kirsten Lung

15 Rocklands Rd.
Hatfield, Harare
Cell: 0733 433 675 or 0772 665 952
E-mail: hemach@zol.co.zw

Ms. Birgit-Rose Künstler


Official Translator & Court Interpreter
P.O. Box BE 16 Belvedere, Harare
86 Neville-Barrett Rd., Tynwald, Harare
Tel.: 292 652 8

Cell: 0712 417 418, 0779 551 387

E-mail: rose.kuenstler@gmail.com

Baobab Languages (Pvt) Ltd.


Suite 3 Fanum House, AA Building

L.Takawira Ave., Bulawayo

Cell: 0773 000 263 or 0776 435 605

E-mail: careaupair@gmx.de, bhebe@gmx.de

Ms. Ruth Bakare


5625 Murambi East, Mutare

Tel. 020 66 707

Cell: 0772 128 091

E-mail: rsbakare@gmail.com, crdt@zol.co.zw

Ms. Bärbel Bottemöller-Kundidzora


49 Harvey Brown Ave.

Milton Park


Tel.: 792 509

Cell: 0712 739 247 or 0779 756 285

E-mail: baerbel@zol.co.zw

You can find a translator in Germany via the . The Embassy can give no guarantee for the content, quality or cost of translations.

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