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To apply for a visa or a german passport you are required to make an appointment!

Welcome to the Harare Embassy online appointment system!

Visa Appointments:

Please note that due to high demand, the booking of appointments to apply for a visa to take up employment as an Au Pair will be changed as of January 25, 2021. You can no longer book appointments directly, instead applicants must sign up on a waiting list as explained in the steps below.

The waiting list is available from the 1st of February. The embassy then allocates the dates for the appointments in the waiting list within the scope of its available capacities. As soon as an appointment has been booked for you, you will receive a notification sent to the email address you provided during registration. The current waiting period for an appointment is over one year. Please note that abuse of the waiting list will result in the cancelation of the relevant entry without any notification.

Please understand that inquiries about your registration and the possible time of an appointment cannot be answered.

Legalizations and Certifications:

Please note that appointments for all legalizations and certifications at the Embassy can now be booked through our online appointment booking System.

For the enlgish version please click on the British flag in the top left corner of the following page.

To book an appointment please follow the link:

Passport Appointments

Visa Appointments

Legalizations and Certifications

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