Visa has been refused, what should you do


Your visa application has been rejected and you do not agree with the decision?
Then YOU yourself or a person authorized by YOU can object to the refusal and request to re-evaluate your application. The remonstration can be made in writing and signed, submitted to the visa section of the embassy (in the original, by fax or as a scanned document electronically).

We do not need documents which have already been introduced with the application.
Please note the following deadline:
The remonstration can be made within one month after receipt of the payment (see
Instructions on legal remedies on the notice of rejection).

Your remonstration must include the following:

  • Your application number as written on the receipt
  • Your name, first name, date of birth, place of birth, passport number
  • Rejection date
  • Your handwritten signature (if remonstrated by a third party: their handwritten signature)

A remonstrance by third parties, e.g. the inviter, a lawyer - can only be submitted with your power of attorney issued in writing and signed by you.

In your letter, please explain in as much detail as possible why you want to travel to Germany and why the stay is important to you.

Please explain in detail why you think the rejection is unfounded. Possibly you can submit additional documents that you did not have when you submitted your application.

The official language of the German Embassy in Harare is GERMAN;

Remonstrations that do not meet the minimum requirements listed above,
are not processed.

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